Before you get too excited, no this isn’t Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). Rather, it’s just a bunch of bug-fixes and should improve the performance of the WiFi. The Sony Xperia S hasn’t hit too many markets yet, yet users had already experienced issues establishing a solid WiFi connection.

In order to update to software version 6.0.A.3.67, you’ll need to use the Sony PC Companion tool instead of waiting for a rollout OTA. And for Mac users, this creates another obstacle (unless you have a Windows partition); you will need to find a Windows PC, because PC Companion isn’t available for OS X. Once installed, its a quick one click process.

We played around with the Xperia S way back at CES, and had hoped its first update after launch would have been to ICS rather than a few bug fixes, but we’ll just have to wait for that. Though the amount of current Xperia S owners is few, let us know if the update fixed any problems you were having; if not, it’s safe to assume we will be seeing another update down the road. And for those of you think about purchasing an Xperia S – check out an official review over at our sister-site SlashGear!



  1. i have had the xperia s for 2 days got it from three it has already frozen on me for 15mins sum apps build in like facebook come up force close waiting for this phone a long time screen is amazing but no happy with a few things 

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  3. My Sony Xperia S has frozen on an app. What do i do, seing as you cannot pull the battery out. It wont even let me turn it off.

  4. Got this phone few days ago,like it alot. Bit sometimes the screen just freeze, and don’t understand why that’s a big issue for why.everything else just works fine by now

  5. my xperia s hang. i was playing temple runner in my phone and when I about to exit it hangs ans stayed on the exit screen…

  6. Great phone. Few problems. Back/home/menu keys take a bit of getting used to. Scrolling down a webpage it’s too easy to hit the home button and lose the page.
    WiFi is worse than my old Xperia so I hope this update fixes it.

  7. Screen Freezes and phone hanged up on me 4 times when playing games withing 24hrs.. battery hardly stands for a max to 15 hrs(with 2G sync on ). Wifi is poor, sound is less.
    Buying this phone for Rs.32,000 is absolute a waste of money. Not happy with Sony at all. I wish I could return the phone back. 🙁

  8. Also I have a problem with FLASH messages that always pops up on my Xperia S lyk 15 or 20 messages withing 5 seconds. Spoke with the service provider and have them turn off the FLASH service completely. Still i receive them… just donno wat to do…My bad luck 🙁

    •  update the software version to .73….fix has been given for this problem….go to settings in your message…you can see new option which will solve your problem

  9. oh my god…my sister  was playig with my phone…and after an hour she gave it too me…my phone was hanging…what should i do now?
    i can’t turn it of…i can’t take the battry out…o realy don’t know what can i do…:|

    • Hold the power button and the volume up button at the same time till it turns off. Then it will start up. This happened to me, didn’t know what to do at first, so I let it run out of battery, then found this in one of the guides.

      • ryan thanyou thankyou thankyouuuuuuuuuuu…
        u kw what i also got update for my xperia s…n while updating its automatically shut dwn my ph and my pc showed the dialogue box ph not connected so i tried to switc on my ph but i was not able… but thankyou i followed what u said and now m happy…:)

      • Ryan you Legand my phone jst froze on me and i had no idea what to do, so i came on the internet and found this :L followed what you said and BOOM it worked xD cheers mare

  10. every time when upadate my phone all the time it shows the online server is currently overloaded, pleaase try after a while.


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