At this point we’ve seen nearly every angle of the upcoming Sony Xperia i1 (Honami) smartphone, which is set to make its debut on September 4th at the annual IFA event. All the little teasers we’ve seen on Sony’s Facebook and Twitter this past few weeks were adding up to the video they just released.

This morning Sony dropped a new video called “The best of Sony is about to get even better” showing off their new phone in full, and at the end they remind us all by teasing the September 4th date. At IFA in Germany Sony will debut their new Honami smartphone, reportedly to be called the Xperia i1, and we already know all the details.

It has leaked in full almost once a week for over a month, and even yesterday a full set of photos were revealed at some sort of Sony press event. They were showing it off ahead of time, but the world will finally see it come the 4th. Without much talking, here’s the video.

Sony is making a few points here. One being it will have an awesome camera, which was already expected, another is that it’s super sleek and powerful. And finally that the phone will be waterproof, which most of us already expected. There’s no flaps over the ports either. It’s fully waterproof and still looks good. We’ve seen multiple reports for a T-Mobile launch, but hopefully it will hit a few other carriers as well.

Who wouldn’t want an impressive 5.0-inch 1080p quad-core powered smartphone from Sony that’s fully waterproof on their carrier? Maybe the only surprise left once they announce it is the price, availability date, and carrier options. We’ll see.