The Sony Xperia Ear is now ready for pre-order in Europe. Sony has just launched the new personal assistant it announced at the Mobile World Congress earlier this year. The new earpiece accessory is a wireless device that works like a personal assistant. It’s like having Siri, Google Now, or Alexa but instead of talking to a smartphone, you can directly communicate to the earpiece. Imagine wearing a Bluetooth headset and being able to talk to it hands-free. No need for a smartphone in your hand just to connect and have someone to talk to.

The in-ear accessory costs €199 or £179. That’s about $219 in the US. It’s not affordable for a small earpiece but if you decide to get one, you can get a €50 or £45 voucher which you can use if you buy a new Xperia phone online until January 14. Only those pre-ordering for the Xperia Ear can receive this special voucher.

Sony’s Xperia Ear can recognize voice commands by listening to the user. It allows intuitive gesture and motion control and deliver information straight to one’s ear. A charging case will come with the earpiece for your convenience. It’s not a standalone device as it still needs to be connected to an Android device but no need to bring the phone out of your bag or pocket.

This in-ear virtual assistant is easy to use. You can do a lot with it from making a call to reply to verbal commands to internet search or dictating or reading a new message. You can also navigate to a new place or destination just by “talking” to the Sony Xperia Ear. Sony has its own voice technology aka the Sony Agent Technology now that can rival other voice assistants available in the market.

Sony asked three different personalities to demonstrate how one can use the Xperia Ear. Watch how the Sony Xperia Ear can be used below: