Getting closer and closer to the expected reveal day, another video of the Sony Xperia D6503 or the Xperia Z2 “Sirius” is once again unleashed on the masses. This time, the focus is on the variety of settings and software features available in the upcoming Sony flagship.

The 12-minute video starts out with a quick display of the device itself, which looks unmistakably similar to the Xperia Z1. There are a few minute differences, as mentioned in a previous leak. This visual tour confirms those details, such as the swapped locations of the microSD and SIM card slots as well as the single left-side flap covering the SIM slot and USB port.

We are then treated to a walkthrough of some of the settings that will be available on the Xperia Z2. We have, for the home screen, several customization options like widgets and wallpapers, as well as the shiny new Xperia Theme manager. Diving into the Android settings app, we see an option for one-touch connectivity with other Sony Xperia devices. There is also fine-grained controls for letting users decide which apps can send notifications as well as which icons will be displayed on the status bar. Interestingly, there is also a setting that allows the display to be woken up by a double tap, a feature that LG is trying to popularize.

The smartphone’s camera features are also briefly demonstrated, including the 4K video recording and 15.5 megapixel still camera mode previously seen. No further information about the Sony Xperia D6503’s hardware has been revealed, but we expect to hear more details before the month is over.