The Sony Xperia 5 is getting a follow-up. We’re not sure if it’s going to be an Xperia 6 or remain as the Xperia 5 but will just be known as the 2020 model. The name doesn’t matter right now. We’re more concerned with the specs and features and how it will be better than the Xperia 5. Sony isn’t exactly a winner when it comes to the mobile business but it’s thriving. It’s still not giving up and we don’t think it will anytime soon. No, not yet. There is still hope for the company.

As early as November, the Xperia premium flagship and mid-rangers were lined up for 2020. The Xperia 5 is getting a successor while the PlayStation 5 is also expected to arrive next year. The next-gen Xperia flagship is believed to come with a punch-hole selfie shooter. There is also a possibility of one with 5G connectivity.

A design patent is said to have been submitted by Sony in Japan bearing a new user graphical user interface. The patent is now in the WIPO Global Design Database published only last December 19, 2019. The phone appears with a taller display and smaller bezels except for the chin. There is also a small hole for the selfie camera on the top center of the screen as shown by the render by LetsGoDigital.

The image shows two color renders of the UI but doesn’t show any selfie shooter. The patent was filed back in March but only to be approved this December. The Xperia phone here may remind you of the Xperia 1. We’re not sure about the punch hole camera but we highly doubt Sony is also thinking of a pop-up selfie cam.

We doubt the possibility because water-resistance has always been important to Sony. It could be an under-screen camera and if that happens, Sony will be starting a revolution because of the advanced technology. Let’s wait and see.


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