Sony is becoming more aggressive these days introducing new devices. The Xperia Z3 is still one of its best products in the market today aside from the numerous cameras and apps that have proven to be great tools when it comes to mobile photography. And this coming December 3, Sony Mobile will be opening it’s first Xperia Aquatech Store in Dubai. This is a very bold move by Sony because it’s not an ordinary retail store.

The Xperia Aquatech Store is an underwater store that is placed four meters below the surface. It’s the first in the world to be located on the seabed. The idea is for trained divers to escort shoppers to the underwater shop. Inside the Xperia Aquatech store, people can “stand on the seabed and breath perfectly normally”. You can find water-resistant tablets, phones, and more accessories in this underwater shop.

The concept store will offer customers “an exhilarating and unforgettable experience, highlighting Xperia’s passion for innovation in the smartphone market“, says Sony Mobile Middle East and Africa Vice President Rüediger Odenbach. Obviously, the store will show off and sell most of Sony’s water resistant products.

I like the idea but I don’t think I’ll be brave enough to spend some time underwater just to buy a new product. Can’t I just purchase a phone or tablet from any ordinary Sony store and test it when I’m already in the pool? Then again, I don’t want to be like the woman in South Africa who complained after using her Xperia Z1 in water. Remember, waterproof is not the same as water-resistant.

VIA: Xperia Blog