We like our tablets around here and there are a bunch of them on the market right now. One of the more interesting tablets is the Sony Tablet P. It’s not particularly fast or cheap; the interesting part is the dual 5.5-inch screens that are on the opposite sides of a hinge so the tablet can fold. Each of those screens has a resolution of 1024 x 480.

We have been hands on with the Sony Tablet P in the past if you want to know more about the tablet. If you are a fan of the Tablet P in the UK you can now get the little beastie in stores around the country. Dixons has the tablet in store right now, but it isn’t cheap. The tablet will set you back £499.99. For those of us in the US that is the equivalent of $782.

I don’t exactly see the Tablet P selling in droves at that price. The device is PlayStation certified and runs Android 2.3 for the OS. The brain is a Tegra 2 chip running at 1GHz. It has 4GB of storage inside, a front VGA resolution camera, and a 5MP rear camera.

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