Sony has recently detailed an update for the SmartWatch 2. This one is already available for download and sitting with the promise of improved performance. Specifically, Sony has said this update should improve the homescreen swiping experience. And in a bit of good news, the update should arrive without anything needed from the user.

With the wearable space attracting some attention at the moment, Sony appears to be on a path to set users up in a good position. Aside from this performance improving (and bug fixing) update, they also dropped some details on existing apps. Sort of as a reminder.

They are beginning with what they call ‘everyday life’ and are going off the bit about how users touch their smartphone well over 100 times per day. To this point, Sony is showing some of the apps that users will find pre-installed on the SmartWatch 2. These include an alarm clock, flashlight, timer and of course, a watch. The key with these, these four apps are available even if your phone is not connected.

Otherwise, aside from Sony seemingly having a solid offering with the SmartWatch 2, we are curious to see where they will go next in this app reminder bit. The default apps are great and these that have been mentioned are nice to have, especially given they work even when your smartphone is not close and connected — but we suspect those wearing a smartwatch at this point are looking for a bit more.

To that point, the Pebble seems to have some solid attention from the users and interesting apps are being revealed on a fairly regular basis. In fact, we recently took a look at one that locked your smartphone with a PIN when not connected to your watch. On the flip side, assuming your Pebble and phone stay paired, your phone can be unlocked without the extra security.




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