Sony announced the SmartWatch 2 a short while back and while we saw a complete set of specs, things were not quite as complete in terms of the pricing and availability details. We still have yet to see anything official from Sony in that regard, however UK retailer Clove has recently offered a bit of detail on the subject. They have even opened up pre-orders for those ready to part with some money.

According to details coming from Clove, the Sony SmartWatch 2 will begin shipping in the middle of July. The pre-order listing notes the first stock is expected during the week commencing July 15th. The price of the watch has been set at £100 (£120 with VAT being included). The one thing to keep in mind, this is just an estimate of shipping from Clove and things could still change. That said, Clove has provided fairly reliable shipping date details and timeframes in the past.

Looking at the watch itself and we find a wearable that will bring a 1.6-inch (220 x 176) touchscreen display that is able to provide alerts for everything from caller ID and text messages to Facebook and Twitter. The watch will also provide details and controls for music playback and pairs with your handset over Bluetooth and NFC.

Sony launched the SmartWatch 2 for use with Xperia devices, however it will work with quite a few more thanks to the app available by way of the Play Store. The listing notes the app as working with devices running Android 4.0 or later and according to details coming from Sony, there are roughly 200 smartwatch apps available in the Play Store to further increase the functionality.

While we have some information for those in the UK, we will also be keeping an eye out for pricing and availability details for those in other markets. But perhaps the real item to watch will be the success. Sony has tried the smartwatch game before and we are left wondering whether this time around will bring more success.

SOURCE: Clove Blog