It took Sony a couple of years before putting out a Google Glass competitor – and with Google Glass’s spiral downwards, this might just be a moot point. But the Sony SmartEyeglass is nearly out to market, passing through the FCC and having its companion social apps hit the Google Play Store recently. Hopefully, Sony will hit the right notes with this device.

Seen here are some schematics of the FCC appearance of the device. Devices that are approved by the FCC are usually just months or even weeks away from being released, so this is a very real indicator that Sony is planning to launch this device to market very soon.

Even the social apps that are meant for the Sony SmartEyeglass wearable device are ready – they’ve landed at the Google Play Store recently. From the look of the apps, they look like they will allow SmartEyeglass users to view notifications and content from Facebook and Twitter (only, and for now). There seems to be no visible way for users to post through the device as of yet.

Sony will most likely pass through the next phase of testing the device and apps in real world situations, so we might as well get ready for some leaks and photos of this device in the wild. What do you guys think of the Sony SmartEyeglass?

VIA: Xperia Blog


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