Earlier this month the Sony S2 tablet was spied on video. This is a cool and interesting tablet with a folding design and a pair of 5.5-inch screens that make the display larger than the folded device would hint at. We know the S2 will be coming to market in the coming weeks and AT&T has announced today that it will be the exclusive wireless partner for the S2.

That will mean if you want to get mobile connectivity this side of a WiFi hotspot you will need to buy the data plan from AT&T. AT&T points out that the S2 will be 4G capable. It’s worth noting that by 4G AT&T means its lame HSPA+ network not a real 4G network with LTE tech. the device will also be able to connect to the AT&T WiFi hotspot network.

The picking for the S2 data plans will be announced closer to launch. I wonder if the plans will be discounted and pay as you go like AT&T offers on the iPad. The Sony S2 tablet is expected to sell for about 649 Euros. Are you interested in the S2 or do you prefer a traditional tablet design?