In line with the spirit of giving this holiday season, Sony is continuing its five weeks of free PlayStation Mobile games that it started late last November. Don’t expect too much from these offerings as not only are they very casual games, they also have a very limited device coverage.

Sure to give your fingers and eyes an exercise, Fuel Tiracas is a twitch-based puzzle game that weds the mechanics of Whack-a-Mole with Simon Says. Players race against time to tap away at colored circles representing fuels in order to fill gauges to their safe limits, while the gauges annoyingly deplete as time passes. While there is said to be some set patterns to the appearance of the circles, the frantic, fast-paced gameplay might distract you from discerning what it is.


Super Crate Box comes from Vlambeer, makers of Ridiculous Fishing, which also debuted on Android recently, particularly with the last Humble Mobile Bundle. Super Crate Box brings the look and feel of arcade games into the present. The goals of the game are quite straightforward. Collect boxes. Avoid enemies. Stay alive.


As mentioned before, these games are offered for free for the whole week to PlayStation Mobile users. This app is also free for download from Sony’s website but it is limited to a select number of devices. If you need to see the complete list of such devices, simply hit the link below.

Download: PlayStation Mobile (app), (supported devices)
VIA: Xperia Blog