Smartphones lately have been focusing quite heavily on the camera side of things, and Sony is surely paying attention. We know they have a few neat new lens accessories that will attach to smartphones, which we’re expecting them to announce on September 4th, and yesterday they revealed a new point-and-shoot camera with easy NFC pairing to our Android devices.

The new Sony NEX-5T isn’t a standard point and shoot, and goes beyond the model before it or their traditional DSC cameras. It isn’t quite a DSLR camera either, and sits right in the middle of their line, but is packed full of features many will enjoy.

Sony’s NEX-5T features a 16 megapixel shooter, WiFi, NFC, and a nice little 3.0-inch display that offers 180-degree angles for the optimal shot preview. The full touchscreen doesn’t run Android, like we’ve seen with a few cameras as of late, but they still have NFC for tons of smartphone and mobile fun.


The NEX-5T will feature NFC built-in, and will easily be able to share and toss over pictures and videos to your NFC enabled Android 4.0+ smartphone or tablet. Obviously they’d like to think your Xperia Z or upcoming Honami will be in your hand, or the Xperia Z tablet, but it appears to be able to work with other devices too.

It also works with WiFi should you not have NFC, and the Wireless radios also serve to let users sync to their smartphone or tablet and control the camera via your mobile device. The “Smart Remote Control” app will give you live previews, settings to tweak without touching the camera, and of course a shutter button to snap away. We’ll be focusing on their lens attachments at IFA next week, but this isn’t bad either.

The new NEX-5T comes in at $700 as a kit, or $550 outright without the kit lens for those interested. More details can be found below.

VIA: SlashGear