Sony has always been positive that TV sales will increase this year especially since more companies and manufacturers are pushing for the advancement of the smart home technology. Internet of Things isn’t just about smart home appliances but perhaps one of the first devices a household can get is a new smart TV. To be specific, it must be an Android TV so it’s easier to integrate with other Android-based platforms.

Sony has always been known for its television sets even before it entered the mobile industry. Now that the company is looking at 2016 as its make-or-break year, it’s turning to its other businesses that can still be improved. Hopefully, the TV business of Sony will help pull up the numbers this year.

Today, Sony is proud to announce the latest 4K HDR Ultra HD TVs that take advantage of the 4K Processor X1TM advanced image engine. The new TV models are ready for pre-sale: XBR-X850D and the XBR-X930D/XBR-X940D series.

The new 4K HDR Ultra HD TVs offer high quality images. If you think HD display is already good enough, 4K Ultra HD is way even better. Ordinary eyes may not be quick to notice the difference but it’s certainly the best screen display to date.

The Sony XX930D series boasts of the Slim Backlight Drive, X-tended Dynamic Range PRO, and TRILUMINOS Display technologies. Both the X930D and X940D series offer borderless picture as made possible by the ultra-thin design. This means the TV is really thinner it may be hard for you to notice it if mounted on the mall. The new TVs already run Android TV so you can use them with your Android devices. There are numerous apps supported that you can enjoy. And as expected, the TVs support Internet of Things (IoT).

The 4K HDR Ultra HD TVs are slowly becoming the high standard in home televisions. They may still be expensive but the since 4K HDR recording, transmission, and playback are still developing, time will come that they will be common. By that time, a newer and better display technology would be introduced. For now, Sony wants us to try the the new TVs because they really are superior in quality.

So it’s 4K and it’s HDR, all at the same. How do you describe each term? Well, don’t bother. The fact that you see those words already say a lot. Some other winning points include the brilliant colors, wider color range, and local dimming and boosting backlighting structure.

The new Sony X930D series also makes use of grid array to help in providing a dramatic contrast apart from the backlight and dimming. What it does is distribute the light source equally. Meanwhile, the X940D can convert content to HDR quality and it follows a unique backlighting algorithm.

The Sony 4K HDR Ultra HD models are more than just hi-def TVs. The Android TV platform makes them an exciting system where you can stream and watch content, play games, download media files, or listen to Internet radio stations. Feel free to enjoy the following Android TV apps: Google Play, YouTube, Amazon Video, Hulu, Netflix, HBO NOW, Stars Play, Fusion, Vevo, PlutoTV, Fusion, iHeartRadio, PBS, or PBS Kids.

The TVs are now available for pre-sale but the public will be able to get them in March from, Amazon, and other select retail stores. Prices of the 4K HDR TV Ultra HD Models are listed below:

4K HDR TV Ultra HD Models:

Sony XBR-55X850D 55-inch class (54.6” diagonal) – $2,499.99
Sony XBR-65X850D 65-inch class (64.5” diagonal) – $3,499.99
Sony XBR-75X850D 75-inch class (74.5” diagonal) – $4,999.99
Sony XBR-85X850D 85-inch class (84.6” diagonal) – $9,999.99
Sony XBR-55X930D 55-inch class (54.6” diagonal) – $3,299.99
Sony XBR-65X930D 65-inch class (64.5” diagonal) – $4,999.99
Sony XBR-75X940D 75-inch class (74.5” diagonal) – $7,999.99

Sony will also release the following units this Spring: 32W600D ($349), 40W650D ($599), and 48W650D ($699) series. All models are now ready for pre-order.