A powerful phone in a small package is what Sony Ericsson is doing with the Xperia Mini Pro. This little phone has almost all the features you’d want in a quality smartphone yet it is small and even has a QWERTY keyboard. It has a 2.8″ screen, a front facing camera and even a 1 Ghz CPU yet the entire phone is still tiny. It just hit the FCC so it shouldn’t be long now.

For more info on this little beast check out our Xperia Mini and Mini Pro hands-on post. Like many Sony phones the radios suggest it will be for the European markets. This little phone is still expected to hit the market sometime in Q3 and it seems to be on track with this latest FCC filing.

Sony Ericsson has been pushing a few devices through the FCC lately and for the entire world to see, just like the Xperia Ray. With low numbers in the mobile department Sony looks to be trying to shake things up and get some handsets selling or at least some hype. I still want that beautifully thin Xperia Arc but I’m not ready to pay the price tag. Stay tuned for more information on the Xperia Mini Pro and feel free to check out our hands-on video below.

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[via Engadget]