It looks like Sony Ericsson is ready to get rolling on their next suite of Android smartphones. If the phone pictured below is in fact the Xperia Duo then this very well may be the first SE phone with a dual-core processor as the name implies. This is the first we have seen of this ultra thin Sony Ericsson phone, that bezel sure looks thinner than recent offerings from SE. Could this be a new design approach?

This looks to have a huge screen, possibly a 4.3″ display along with a front facing camera and like we mentioned above that bezel sure is thin and pretty. The bezel is so small this might even have a 4.5″ screen but we wont know until we here or see more.

If your are a SE fan check out the Xperia X10 running Gingerbread, or that Xperia Play spotted with HDMI-out while you are here. We will report back as more information comes to light regarding the Xperia Duo.

[via PocketNow]


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