Sony Ericsson is planning what we are hearing will be called the Xperia Arc HD with a brilliant 1280 x 720p display using their BRAVIA engine. Now we should probably just call them SONY since they bought out Ericsson’s half recently. So, Sony is prepping a new 720p smartphone to add to their lineup. We’ve heard rumors of the Nozomi packing a 720p screen and possibly a 1.5 GHz dual-core, could this be the same phone?

This would actually make sense given the recent pump from the Arc to the Arc S. Sony could then launch the Arc HD with a faster dual-core processor and a bigger 4.3″ 720p HD display and it would make a perfect upgrade. We are still a little blurry on details and these could be two completely different devices but are still digging for further details on the Arc HD and Nozomi both.

With HTC just announcing the 720p HD Rezound and the Galaxy Nexus en route SONY would be wise to jump on the HD wagon as soon as possible. This would also be a good opportunity to come out with an HD smartphone running on the latest and greatest Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich but this early that is probably doubtful, although I’m sure we’ll be hearing about plenty ICS smartphones from most carriers very soon.

One awesome feature about the Arc HD is while recording full 1080p video users can tap the screen and take full HD quality pictures at the same time, so they have video and a picture of that perfect moment — sounds awesome right? I’ll be looking for more details and let you all know what we find.

[via GSMArena]



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