With the seeming demise of Google Glass, pioneers of the eye-wearable smart device, it’s a wonder why manufacturers are still pursuing products in this niche. Maybe they see an “opportunity missed” here rather than a huge risk. Enter Sony’s new development of a OLED microdisplay that can ostensibly be used for smart eyewear.

The display technology will be one placed over existing eyewear, quite similar to Google Glass, with 640×400 resolution from a tiny 0.23-inch color OLED screen – probably one of the smallest in the world today. Smaller pixel size and advancements in light shielding technology give the screen capabilities of displaying better colors – deeper blacks and a more vibrant gamut of colors.


The screen – due to its small size – is extremely lightweight and Sony thinks that it would be a good fit for existing eyewear today. To move this forward, Sony is preparing a software development kit (SDK) that will be released soon to facilitate app development.


Sony is also arming the kit with a compass, an accelerometer, Bluetooth 3.0, WiFi connectivity, and a touch sensor – all powered by an ARMv7 processor. This piece of technology is scheduled to be displayed and made public at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2015 in Las Vegas.