Back in January we saw the IDC (International Data Corporation) report that covered smartphone sales for the fourth quarter of 2012. That report noted the quarter as having a strong demand for smartphones and of heated competition between vendors. Well, truth be told is that the heated competition seems to be more of two races as opposed to one.

You see, Apple and Samsung are clearly in the top two. Apple was showing a 29 percent share with Samsung taking a 21.8 percent share. The next in line was Huawei, Sony and ZTE with 4.9, 4.5 and 4.3 percent respectively. Well, it seems as if Sony has committed themselves in the race to third. Seems that the new races are for first and then for third.

In terms of Sony besting Huawei and taking the number three spot, Kunimasa Suzuki, the head of Sony’s mobile business, while speaking in Tokyo talked of additional phone models. Specifically, of introducing cheaper models for developing nations. Flooding the market with lower priced devices would certainly be one method of taking number three.

We have yet to see a timeline, or for that mater, any specific plans. Basically as of now it seems as if Sony will be altering their development plans based on the specific market. Time will tell how well this plan will work out, but we have to say, Huawei seems to be putting out a decent amount of lower end devices as well. This Sony plan almost seems to have been taken from Huawei. Here is to the race for third.

[via Reuters]