htc one m9 t mobile software update

A couple of weeks ago, Taiwanese phone maker HTC has finally responded to the complaints of One M9 owners who were saying that the camera’s 20 megapixel sensor couldn’t handle low light situations and macroshots. That’s a bit frustrating because of our high expectations but at least there’s less noise, more vibrant colors, and more details can be captured. Good thing a software update was released and it did improve photo quality and some photos were even showcased for comparison.

This week, HTC has released Maintenance Release Instructions for the HTC One M9. This particular upgrade is available for the new HTC flagship Android phone from both AT&T and T-Mobile. It is expected to offer enhancements on the camera, BlinkFeed, and the total user experience. This 1.32.502.31 for AT&T and 1.32.531.33 for T-Mobile version is the latest than the one loaded on most HTC One M9’s that have already shipped. If you own one, make sure you upgrade to this version to make the most of the unit.

To check current version, check Home> All apps> Settings> About> and Software information. Any number less than the number mentioned is eligible for the upgrade. Click ‘Continue’ to download the update. Once download is finished, choose ‘OK’ to start installation process.

Just like any software update, phone may experience several rebooting, as well as, software upgrade screens showing up. It is advisable that data are backed up and that phone charger is plugged in. Make sure you are connected to a WiFi network or 4G/LTE(AT&T), battery is at least 35%, and there’s at least 2.1GB of free storage space.

Software update for the HTC One M9 might take 20 minutes or so to finish downloading and complete the upgrade. Software update is now ready for AT&T and T-Mobile HTC One M9 owners.

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