Another one bites the dust. Popular Super Nintendo Entertainment System emulator Snes9x EX is no longer available on the Android Market after Google pulled the listing. Formerly the emulator was one of the better remaining options for nostalgic gamers looking for their 16-bit fix on the go. The app is the latest in a long line of classic console emulators to get the boot. The developer was given no explanation.

Snes9x EX is one of the older SNES emulators, pre-dating Android itself by almost a decade. The Android port of the popular desktop program comes from developer Robert Broglia, who’s still offering a free download on his website for side-loading Android users. Like the desktop version, Snes9x EX was and is a free program, so if you’re itching for some Super Metroid head on over and download it now.

Google has been cracking down on emulators in the Market for some time now. The popular series of emulators by developer Yongzh, including GameBoid, GBCoid, Gensoid and SNesoid were all given their walking papers earlier this year after selling thousands of copies. Like Snes9x EX, most of these formerly paid apps are now posted for free with Yongzh’s consent. Moat other emulators don’t last very long, either.

It’s important to note that video game emulators themselves aren’t illegal, though in most countries it’s illegal to download actual game ROMs for games that you don’t already own. The decision to allow or deny them to Android users is entirely Google’s. For the time being, side-loading seems to be the only reliable option for Android emulation fans everywhere.

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