In what looks like a normal photo posted to Google+ by Google’s very own Vic Gundotra, you’ll quickly notice how the photo was shared to the social network site — Snapseed. For those that aren’t familiar, Snapseed is the Instagram competitor that’s available for iOS only, until Google bought them out last month.

Snapseed is more than just an Instagram competitor, it’s like Instagram on steroids. The popular photo editing and filter system has been extremely popular on iOS, and it looks like the Android version is well on its way to the Google Play Store. Google purchased Snapseed back around the end of Sept. so it’s unlikely they’ve build an Android app already — which leads us to believe it was already in the final stages.

Interesting thought here. Google’s big boys like Vic all enjoy plenty of benefits of working for Google — and one is Project Glass. This is a bit of a stretch here, but could Vic Gundotra be taking that picture with Google’s Project Glass and then sharing the photo instantly to Google+ using Snapseed? That would be epic.

The photo looks pretty full of filters and has a nice Instagram look, only it was made and shared using Snapseed for Android — unless Vic has an iPhone which is extremely unlikely. While the thought of Google Glass here is a stretch, it’s safe to say Snapseed for Android is coming extremely soon so stay tuned for more details.

— Thanks to everyone who sent this in!