Qualcomm has announced the new Snapdragon 865 alongside the Snapdragon 765 at the beginning of December. These new chipsets are just two of the company’s several efforts to usher the consumers to 5G next year. There’s also the Snapdragon X52 5G modem that works with the SD 865. We shared with you all the details you need to know. We already mentioned phones that are going to use the mobile processor–a new Nokia PureView phone and the Redmi K30 with a 64MP camera.

The Snapdragon 865 is definitely THE processor for Android flagships set to out in 2020. We have yet to try a new phone powered by the said chipset because nothing is available yet. But you know, good thing there are benchmarks to tell us what to expect. At this point, we know the Snapdragon 865 has already blown past the Snapdragon 855.

Not that those benchmark numbers ultimately tell the performance of a phone but they do give us a glimpse of the possibilities. They are like early reviews although not all benchmark scores can be trusted.

Benchmark testing and standards have also changed throughout the years. It used to be just multi-core and single-core CPU stress tests. Now, you have to look into the GPU, CPU, and even AI performance. Things are more complicated now.

As for the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, this processor is ideal for upcoming premium phones. Reference design for the chipset features a 5.9-inch screen, 2880 x 1440 resolution, 128GB storage, and 12GB of LP5 dual RAM. It has passed through some of the more popular benchmarks. On Geekbench 5.0.2, kit scored 932 (single-core) and 3,433 (multi-core). To know if the numbers are high enough, well, the iPhone 11 Pro Max got 1,321 and 3,287, respectively.

On GFxBench 5.0., the Snadpragon 865 hit the following:
• 124 fps in the 1080p Manhattan Offscreen (ES 3.0) test.
• 88 fps in the 1080p Manhattan 3.1 Offscreen (ES 3.1) test
• 20 fps in both the 1440p Axtec Ruins Vulkan (High Tier) Offscreen and OpenGL (High Tier) Offscreen tests
• 206 fps in the 1080p T-Rex Offscreen (ES 2.0) test

On AnTuTu 8.0.4, the chipset scored the following: 183,425 (CPU); 220,598 (GPU); 81,868 (UX) — 576,146 (overall). On AITuTu 1.1.1, it hit 470,705 overal score with 265,459 (Image Classification subcategory) and 205,246 (Object Detection Category).


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