Snap Spectacles

Three years ago, Snapchat ventured in wearable tech with a pair of Spectacles. It’s aptly called Spectacles and it’s mainly for taking videos for your Snapchat. Imagine Google Glass but with only one purpose: Snapchat all day. Snapchat fans were happy to snap a pair of even for only $129 but the first-gen version didn’t sell as much. It was discovered unsold Snap Spectacles were wasting away in a Chinese warehouse. Interestingly, Snap Inc unveiled an updated version of Spectacles released in April last year.

A next-gen pair of Snap Spectacles could be in the works with two cameras. That was the word before 2018 ended and true enough, Snap Spectacles 3 is here. The new pair is made ready to “capture the world in 3D”.

The newest version of Spectacles sunglasses offers almost the same design but comes with dual HD cameras already. The two cams allow 3D videos “snaps” as it can capture dimension and depth compared to before. For Snapchat users, 3D effects have been added to the app so you can play and be creative but the Snap Spectacles 3.

The pair will be available later in Fall. You can choose from two color options: Mineral and Carbon. Mineral shows a hint of a gold frame while Carbon looks classy in monochromatic black with high-gloss details and a semi-matte finish. The familiar design is there– steel frame circular lenses and acetate tips that can be adjusted. It’s more lightweight now yet stronger.

Videos captured by Spectacles 3 are transferred to Memories within Snapchat. The HD quality is retained. Feel free to add effects to any snap with new lighting, magic effects, landscapes, etc. They can also be exported as square, horizontal, circular, or in virtual reality formats. Feel free to store, share, and edit the snaps from anywhere.

Spectacles 3 features HD video recording, four microphones that record high-fidelity audio, LED indicator lights for notification, and buttons for quick recording. The pair can be charged on-the-go. When you buy a pair, you will get a charging case, full-grain leather case, and a USB-C charging cable. A 3D viewer is also offered so you can see the Snaps.

The pair is more expensive at $380. Pre-order is now open at Delivery will start this fall.


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