Snapchat Spectacles 2018 2nd-gen

You may be missing the idea of Google Glass but it’s about to make a comeback. No, Google isn’t launching a new pair but a company known as Snap is believed to introduce the new Spectacles. It’s a pair of glasses equipped with two cameras you can use to capture images and videos of your surroundings. The pair may be sold for $350 which is expensive already for such kind of modern spectacles. Snap’s Spectacles may arrive with a more premium design, aluminum frame, and cameras that can offer augmented reality.

Note that Snap has already released a first-gen Spectacles pair in 2016. This time, we’re expecting the pair to be more advanced when it comes to imaging.

It works well with the Snapchat by overlaying AR lenses. The effect is 3D-like.

There is so much to improve on the technology but we’re excited to know a new hardware is being prepared. A new hardware plus an enhanced software will make all the difference.

The new Spectacles is expected to help Snap get back the money lost before with all the changes ahead–both in the management of the company and the product itself. The release of this hardware may eventually (cross your fingers) help Snap hit expectations.

VIA: Cheddar


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