Nick Nothom SmartMirror

Nick Nothom may still be studying software development and computer science but he already knows how to “make stuff”. This Minnesota State University student recently showed us what you can do with a smartwatch. With the use of AutoWear, he was able to make notifications show on a mirror. At first, he simply wanted to be notified if his Moto 360 is charged but he thought he could also add messages, weather, calendar, and other information because why not.

The programmer took advantage of AutoWear so he won’t have to check on his smartwatch whenever at home. When his watch is charged, the SmartMirror displays a notification that watch is ready. I actually thought of something similar but not on a mirror. I was imagining notifications would show on windows, TVs, and other glass displays. Of course, there’s no way I could develop such thing (because I’m not a developer) so I’m glad a genius thought of it. This is one of my sci-fi dreams becoming a reality and even if it’s not an official feature from Android, the possibilities are endless. Thanks to Nothom for making the first step.

This is just a research project but it certainly has a lot of potential. Other Redditors are even suggesting Nothom to put it on Kickstarter. We’re not sure about his plans but the student-programmer simply wants to make a smart display for the smaller Android Wear devices. That idea is a bit ironic since smartwatches are really extensions of smartphones so why make another for the smaller device.

Watch his demo video below to see how the SmartMirror works:

Impressive? The idea is actually not new since there are similar displays already used for advertising but this project aims to bring the technology into the homes. Smart homes and smart appliances may still be a young idea but you get the picture? Instead of just looking down on your phones or wrists, perhaps in the future, you can look at your walls for information (maybe some touch goodness too?). This is definitely a new way to experience technology.

With the use of AutoWear and Tasker, you can be notified when battery is fully charged. Nothom shared how he did the Android Wear Battery Notifications. As for the SmartMirror, it will take him a long way but we don’t doubt he’d be successful.

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