The latest version of Slide for Reddit is now available. Well, at least, one that isn’t available on the Google Play Store yet. The newest Slide is currently being discussed and shared over on Reddit before its public release. The new Slide For Reddit is said to offer a number of great features and several enhancements including reduced use of of RAM and increased stability.

It seems that developers are busy editing apps for Reddit ever since we learned the news that the Reddit app for Android mobile was almost ready for beta testing. It took Reddit a while to work on the official Android app but we’re expecting that with it, other related apps will soon be updated or developed.

Slide for Reddit is just one of the numerous apps that can be used for browsing the popular forum. It’s open sourced on Github so feel free to download the app from there if you can’t see the latest version on the Play Store yet. The new Slide for Reddit remains to be packed with features and enhancements including offline mode and auto data caching, search Reddit, center image card mode, swipe back from anywhere in General Settings, and the ability to edit and delete comments.

You will also notice the redesigned settings, cache for less data use and faster retrieval, reduced memory use by 3/4, improved toolbar/subreddit sidebar, backup and restore, as well as, startup time. This version still features a lot of bugs and errors but devs are working to squash them soon so make sure you share your findings with the community.

Download Slide for Reddit from the Google Play Store

SOURCE: Reddit