If you still send and receive a lot of text messages on your mobile device for work or for your projects, it can sometimes be highly inconvenient to keep on sending and replying just using your smartphone. Well Microsoft wants to make your life a bit easier when it comes to that as you will soon be able to do those things on your computer through the power of the Skype Preview app on your phone and the Skype app on your laptop or PC.

If you’re on the Skype Preview program (which lets you test features before they roll out for everyone else), you’ll notice a new SMS Connect feature in the settings. It’s also being pushed on the Skype Preview app for the desktop. The description says you will be able to use Skype on your computer to read and reply to the messages you receive on your Android smartphone. It also states the first step which is to install Skype on your smartphone.

Unfortunately, while the feature is already clearly there, it doesn’t seem to be working just yet. Some are saying it will roll out with version for Windows 10, but as of yet, we have yet to see it. Maybe someone has to turn on a button somewhere in the Skype office so users can officially enable the SMS Connect option. But for now, we’ll have to wait until it becomes usable.

Fear not, Skype users, as you have other things to play around with anyways now that some features are already rolling out across platforms. Users will now be able to do call recording for their audio/video calls. When you start your call, tap on Options and then tap on the “Start Recording” button. You have the option to stop recording anytime and after the call, the file will be available for either parties.

Private or encrypted messages are also now available for everyone. We talked about this last week, so check out our post for the details on how to enable it.

VIA: Windows Central