Let freedom ring your ringtone! Japanese phone carrier KDDI plans on offering Skype services for a select number of Android phones starting in November. As if it weren’t enough today hearing news of their three new Android mobiles or their fabulous new Android-based Samsung Tablet, now we’re getting news that voice-to-voice calls will essentially be free! Just so long as the person you’re trying to communicate with is also signed up and signed on to Skype, you can call them up text without using up any of your monthly allowance or data plan.

For now, KDDI says they’ll be integrating Skype on two phones, the IS01 and IS03. Further integration on many more devices later on (more than likely next year.) Skype’s interim CEO, Adrian Dillon, had the following to say about the whole situation: “KDDI’s position as a leading network provider in Japan that offers a wide range of communications services makes it a natural partner for Skype given our vision to make Skype available everywhere and enable users to take their Skype conversations with them wherever they go.”

It has always been my hope that services like telephones, texting, and internet would be free, completely free someday. The way it’s going to happen is situations like this, where offering a free talking option on their phones makes KDDI a hero! Someday groups that make boatloads of money from internet-exclusive services will band together to create a superpower strong enough to offer these internets for free. Bank on it. You’d better get on your KDDI IS01 and call somebody (for free.)

[Via Global Telecoms Business]