Skype rolled out the v4.0 update for Android users back on July 1st. That update came with news of how the app had topped the 100 million install mark and with details about how the app would have what was called a modern design that put conversations first. Well, in an effort to bring that modern design, it looks like the company had buried the option to log out.

As it stands you are able to log out, however you have to tap your profile image (in the upper right corner), then tap the menu option and select sign out. Not a difficult process, but one that was not all that convenient. Anyway, in what the folks at Skype are touting as a “minor update” they have listened to user feedback and made the process of signing out a bit easier.

Moving forward you will be able to sign out by hitting the menu key from a number of screens including Recent, Favorites, People and Profile. Aside from the ability to sign out from a few additional screens, this Skype update also had a few other changes and tweaks.

The next few items deal with bugs that popped up when users moved from v3.2 to v4.0. These include two items;

  • A bug that was not allowing users to go online or make/receive calls if their status was last set to offline in version 3.2 before upgrading to version 4.0.
  • Enabled video for devices that could previously make video calls in version 3.2.

Otherwise, this update also improved the dialog translations for a few languages including Russian, Brazilian Portuguese and Traditional Chinese. With that, this latest Skype for Android update will be available in the Google Play Store as of today.