For its 10th Anniversary of video calling, Skype has announced that it would be adding group calls soon. That time has come after a few weeks of beta testing by select mobile users. Microsoft has finally rolled out the updated version of Skype which includes the much awaited feature. Thousands of people got to test the early version so we can say that the app is more than ready for the millions of Skype users all over the world across different platforms.

Those in North America and Western Europe should be receiving the update anytime now. By March, Microsoft hopes to be done with the release. This video calling feature is something that’s been requested ever since Google introduced video call in Hangouts. What’s good about the updated Skype is that videos are rendered in HD quality. Audio is also of high quality as made possible by the SILK Super Wide Band audio codec.

Skype group video calling 2

Initially, the maximum number of people who can be in a group video call is five (5) but the Skype team made some adjustments. From 5, up to 25 people can join in the fun now. It may be crazy to have that number of people in one chat but it can be super fun.

Skype’s group video calling is FREE. More details about Skype’s group video calls HERE.

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