10 years ago, when free video calling wasn’t a thing, Skype introduced it to the Internet, and long-distance relationships, family online parties, and to some extent, online business interviews, were never the same. Now there are a lot of messaging services and video calling apps in existence, and yet we still fondly remember that Skype was a pioneer. Now to celebrate the 10th birthday of the service, they announced that they will be introducing group video calling for mobile devices, and you can already pre-register for it.

Skype says that over the last decade, users have logged almost 2 trillion minutes of free Skype video calls from all over the world. The original purpose of free video calls has been for people who are traveling to keep in touch with their loved ones without paying a fortune in mobile calls or even roaming calls. But it then evolved to various ways of communications, for deployed soldiers to watch the birth of their children, to teaching doctors in remote areas how to do minor surgery to keeping in touch with loved ones in the event of a natural disaster.

To celebrate a decade of free video calls, Skype will be introducing free group video calling for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, running on various platforms including Android. It’s not yet live but you can already pre-register so you can get a sneak peek at the new feature. When you sign up, they will alert you via email when they’ve finished setting up your mobile device for support of the group calling feature.

Unlike some services where it will launch in limited countries or regions only, it looks like this new feature will be available for anyone who has a Skype account, a mobile device, and of course Internet. So if you’re interested, just go and pre-register already.