Do you live in the UK? Love TV? Jealous of Hulu? (Don’t be – we have to pay for it on Android.) Own a recent Samsung or HTC Android phone? Then you’re in luck: the other British broadcaster, Sky, has plans to release its Sky Go on select Android devices at the end of February. UK cell phone site 3G broke the news. Unlike most contemporary video streaming apps, the Sky Go app is live TV, letting users choose between 39 different channels at once. Sky Go was previously exclusive to iOS, because Sky hates fun didn’t recognize the incredibly growth of the Android platform at the time.

Unfortunately, the list of initial supported devices leaves something to be desired. HTC customers can use the Desire, Desire S, Desire HD, Incredible S and the Sensation, while Samsung owners only get the Galaxy S and Galaxy S II. Even limiting themselves to the top two Android OEMs, that’s a depressingly small number of phones, and Samsung’s family of Galaxy Tabs (where a video app would be most welcome) seem to be left out in the cold. Sky said nothing about expanding support to more phones or tablets, or adding more manufacturers.

That said, it’s encouraging to see more and more media producers awaken to the reality of the mobile landscape. Time Warner could take a lesson – their Android app is still limited to remote control functions, while iOS users get the full Monty of video channels. Limited device support will be a pain, and echoes the woes of Netflix’s early Android app, but rest assured someone out there will make a modded universal version sooner rather than later.