We know that Google Maps has some updates in the works, however it looks like another maps app has also been updated. This other is from Skobbler and the updated app is currently available in the Google Play Store. The app is called GPS Navigation & Maps + offline, though some may recognize the Skobbler name from ForeverMap 2. Basically, in addition to adding new features, Skobbler also updated the name.

In an effort to answer the ‘why would I need a maps app when I already have Navigation’ question, one such reason would be the actual map data. You see, Skobbler uses OpenStreetMap, which is a free and editable map that has more than 1 million voluntary contributors. Sticking with this latest update though, the GPS Navigation & Maps + offline now has turn-by-turn navigation.

Other changes in this latest release also include the newest Skobbler NGx map engine and an additional free map update for users. The folks at Skobbler have also said this release brings “great improvements” to the overall stability. Anyway, those looking for an alternate map solution, or those who simply want to use something based on the OpenStreetMap data have two options available from Skobbler.

The GPS Navigation & Maps + offline app is priced at $1.00 and there is a trial available. Those looking to go the trial route first can download the GPS Navigation & Maps — light app from the Google Play Store. This app will have all the same features as the paid app, however some of those features will cut off after 14-days.

After the 14-day trial period, the app will lose navigation. After that point, Skobbler offers two options — upgrade to the paid version and retain all the features or continue using the light version without the navigation and offline support. Otherwise, additional features include ongoing updates, route planning for cars and pedestrians, search functionality, different modes for day or night and more.

SOURCE: Google Play Store