As you know, Google took the stage at their I/O developer event last week and shocked the crowd and Android world by announcing the Samsung GALAXY S 4 Google Edition running stock Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. Unlocked, developer friendly, and available from the Play Store. Immediately many started wondering if the same was coming from HTC. Would you buy a Google Edition HTC One?

As soon as Google and Samsung announced the Galaxy S 4 GE on stage, rumors immediately started surfacing that HTC would be doing the same. However, we reached out to HTC ourselves and their PR confirmed they have no such plans. Without getting into details HTC basically stated they have “no plans for an HTC One Nexus or Google edition”.

So why is this a rumor again? Well, because everyone loves a good rumor. That and the usually pretty accurate HTC fan and ROM developer LlabTooFeR is claiming the device is coming this summer. Tweeting multiple times about the subject and even stating “HTC One without Sense 5 on board” in one of his comments. He mentions this isn’t official, nor does he have details or release dates, but that it’s coming this summer.

So is this just a rumor to get the idea floating around again? Who knows. He goes as far as to call it a fact, but that it’s not official information. So take this rumor with a major grain of salt, just like most. Google’s GALAXY S 4 certainly is no Nexus coming in at $649, and we’d probably see the HTC One come at a similar price. Would a Google Edition HTC One have beats audio to let us enjoy those front speakers, or would it truly be bone stock? There’s some aspects that make Sense better, but not many.


Here’s what we want and have been waiting to arrive for years. The option. The option to be able to select HTC Sense, or stock Android on our device. Let us choose between TouchWiz and those impressive S-featured apps, or vanilla Android. Whether this be on start-up, in settings, or something else.

If Google and the manufacturers could manage that, then this would be a game changer. Google can’t make this a requirement as the post in the timeline below explains because of Open Source guidelines, but we’d love the option. Take notice HTC, Samsung, LG and others. For now this HTC ONE GE is just a rumor of another expensive developer friendly smartphone that may, or may not ever see the light of day.