If you are an Android user wanting to get some Siri-style action onto your Android device a new app has launched that will do just that called Cluzee. It’s sort of like the alpha app called Iris we talked about a few days ago. The app allows you to speak normal phrases and it will then goes out and do what you tell it to. The app is described as an intelligent personal assistant. The app will respond to all sorts of spoken queries such as “what is my schedule like today.”

It would then run down your schedule for you in normal language. The app does more than that and will tell you little tidbits to help you get along with your day. For instance if you have a doctor’s appointment on your schedule the app can tell you if there is traffic on a particular road you need to avoid after it reminds you of that appointment.

Other things the app can do include reading emails and text messages aloud to you. It can also take the user’s voice and convert it to text for sending emails and SMS messages as well. I wonder how well the app works for converting speech to texts. I find many voice services don’t handle accents well. Let us know what you think if you are using this app. You can download Cluzee here.

[via BGR]



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