So you are not happy with the chinless nice-looking HTC Hero from Sprint, and you definitely don’t like the HTC Eris from Verizon. You probably are looking for a Hero from across the pond, and you have not been lucky enough to get it here. That might change soon.

You see, Negri Electronics are selling both; the black and white HTC Hero smartphones. The phones are nothing out of the ordinary, they still have the always nice Sense UI and the attractive (not to me personally) body that many of you out there love. The main thing besides the shape of the body, is that it is the North American version, and will support AT&T’s 3G bands.

With less 3G coverage, more drop calls and a much higher price on the plans, why would anyone prefer AT&T over Verizon or Sprint? Well, that’s beyond me. The prices, as you can see on the image above, are $579.50 for the black Hero, and $585.50 for the white version. That kind of money will get you a NAM, SIM free HTC Hero with Android 1.5 and all the regular Hero features.

Now is up to you to decide if after paying that kind of money, it would still be worth it to pay the high prices of the Death Star. Sound off and let us know what your thoughts are on this one.