We’re seemingly stuck on the topic of strategy games today, and we have a new one out from Gameloft. It’s called “Siegefall”, made by the same team that put out the relatively successful Modern Combat series on mobile. This time, the team is trying their hand on the medieval strategy game niche, and we do hope they will be just as successful as they were with Modern Combat.


Siegefall turned a lot of heads during E3 2015 because of the long campaign mode, almost unheard of in mobile games. Also, gaming blogs have been talking about how great the graphics for the game has been rendered. Great graphics plus long campaign mode? Sign us up!

The aim of players will be to control an army of specialized troops and try conquer regions on the game map. Sounds easy enough right? Depending on how you play, you can customize the slant and content of your army, from rogues, trolls, to heavily-armored knights. Players also control a hero unit – which is gigantic and more powerful than any other unit in your army.


Apart from attacking, you will also need to deal with the business of getting resources, and defending your territory. You will need to build mines, sawmills and farms within your castle to keep your kingdom’s war effort running. So, pretty standard, but the game does sound enjoyable. Pick it up at the download link below.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store