Gameloft – probably under pressure from the multitude of fans already salivating for the fifth offering of Gameloft’s premium mobile FPS (first person shooter) game – has just unveiled the official trailer for “Modern Combat 5: Blackout”. But the mobile game app outfit probably has just increased the amount of eagerness for the game with this trailer that is pure eye candy.

In the tradition of console and desktop FPS hits like Battlefield and Call of Duty, the trailer promises a lot of action to FPS gamers, including the expected global travel to shoot up the bad guys in the streets of Venice, Italy, and Tokyo, Japan just to name a few locations. Of course, the focus will be on the shooting action and not on the sights. But what are we doing? Let’s get on and let you see the trailer first.

Gameloft says that this will be a USD$6.99 download via Google Play Store (and the Apple App Store for iOS) on Thursday, July 24. Windows Phone people might be getting the app a little bit later, but it shouldn’t be that long a wait. Another promising feature here is the online multiplayer facet that Gameloft says will come with Modern Combat 5. Sadly, it won’t be cross platform – so no iPhone to Android shoot-em-up sessions. Honestly, that’s really not a deal breaker for us, right?

Looking from the trailer alone, the game is very near console quality already, and it might probably take a phone with quad-core processors and an up-to-par GPU to run the game. Else, you can try lowering down graphics options to get more frames out of your phone, but the higher tier 2013 and 2014 phones should handle this without any hitches. Are you excited yet?

VIA: Phone Arena