There’s a million stories in the naked city, but former NYPD cop Max Payne has one that could be thrown in the lockup for public indecency. After his wife and daughter are murdered by drug dealers, Max is making a take-out order for revenge, and a side of justice if he’s got the time. With two slugs in his stomach and twelve in his heater, the DEA agent searches the dingy streets of New York City, eventually infiltrating and disposing of most of the mob family that’s responsible for his family’s death. And in a couple of months, he’ll be waling his beat again on Android.

Max Payne developer Rockstar stated in a company blog post that they’re bring the classic PC shooter to Android and iOS platforms in a couple of months, to follow up on the successful launch of Grand Theft Auto III. No solid release date has been set, but since the two games have relatively similar engines and requirements (by today’s standards, anyway) it shouldn’t take the company too long to complete the port. A bigger concern will be incorporating Max Payne’s tight shooter controls into a touchscreen environment. GTAIII was hard enough – pulling off precision shooting on a mobile device just screams for a controller attachment.

The original Max Payne was released on the PC way back in 2001, with impressive graphics, a pleasantly noir (if not overly original) story and the first use of the “Bullet Time” shooting mechanic, which has since become a staple of the genre. The game was subsequently published for all major consoles, though the 2012 release will be the first time that the full game has been made available for a mobile platform. Max Payne should hit the Android Market at the same sub-$10 price that Grand Theft Auto III started at.

[via Androinica]