I love seeing things like this because we never know what to actually expect. This could just be a simple mistake and they meant Android 3.2 but then this could be an employee that knows something we don’t and simply shouldn’t have put that information on the market for the world. It appears Shazam has just updated their Android app and it will now support Android 3.3 but this is the first we’ve heard of it.

This newest update brought support for higher resolution screens such as the HTC Sensation, EVO 3D and others with a 540×960 qHD display but it doesn’t mention anything for tablets. I also tried to download this newest Shazam update to my Android 3.2 Xoom and it was incompatible, same goes for my 3.1 Galaxy Tab. That is why this was worth reporting because a simple 3.2 and 3.3 mix-up would be no biggie but it isn’t working on Android 3.2 tablets that I can see.

So are we possibly expecting an Android 3.3 update in the near future? We know 3.2 Honeycomb was just rolled out and brought support for smaller form factors and things of that nature but we haven’t heard any possibility of Android 3.3 Honeycomb. I would just assume that Shazam meant to say Android 3.2 but with the latest update working on none of my current Honeycomb tablets I’m thinking maybe something else is at play here.

While 3.3 sounds fun I’m just patiently waiting for Ice Cream Sandwich.

[via Android Market] — Thanks Shaun!