If you’ve always dreamed of having your very own robot phone that could walk the talk and even dance, then you probably were pretty excited when Sharp announced that they will have that for you and it will be called RoboHon. Now after almost half a year after the first announcement, the Japanese OEM has revealed that they are officially making it available by May this year. The bad news is that you would have to shell out $1800 to have one of these babies.

But if you do have that money to spare, then you probably would want to spend it on this weird but utterly adorable (well, on paper) gadget. It functions as a smartphone but it doesn’t have any keys. While it does have a screen at the back, basically everything is voice automated. The robot, which is almost as small as your hand, has the personality of a child, specifically a Japanese one with gender undetermined. It supports voice calls and text messages for now, but it can also support LTE connections as well.

The RoboHon has the ability to respond to voice commands and can even answer back. It also has a camera and projector on its forehead, so it can both capture images and videos and then lets you view them as well. And best of all, or creepiest of all depending on how you feel about automated dancing gadgets, yes, it can actually dance if you ask it to.

Do you think the $1800 is worth it though? If you’re a robotics connoisseur then you probably will be willing to spend on it. However, for now, it’s only available in Japan and will respond to Japanese commands only. It supports NTT DoCoMo, but Sharp is also looking at other local carriers as well. Hopefully, its this becomes a hit, then the whole world will get to know RoboHon as well.

VIA: SlashGear


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