We talked about the Sharp Aquos Crystal smartphone a bit earlier this month when the edge-to-edge display of the smartphone was first unveiled. This week Sharp has rolled out the official video trailer for the phone touting some of the features the device offers. The video focuses not so much on the hardware inside the smartphone as it does on the things the phone offers for audio and camera functionality.

Sharp brags that the Crystal smartphone has Harmon Kardon audio inside to improve the quality of sound for music and conversations. Another cool feature of the device when it comes to audio is that the smartphone has a direct wave receiver that uses the entire front panel of the phone to produce sound, rather than a small speaker.

That direct wave receiver means that when you pick the phone up to answer a call you get better sound quality no matter what position you hold the smartphone in against your face. Sharp also fits the Crystal with Clari-Fi sound technology that is designed to restore audio files to their original glory for improved sound quality.

The video also talks a lot about the camera featuring shutter detection to snap a picture when a smile is detected on the subjects face. Other camera features include panoramic mode, night capture mode, and a picture framing advisor with grid lines to make framing images easier. To store all the video and images Sharp expects users of the device to take, the Crystal has a microSD card slot that supports up to 128GB of storage.