No doubt, 2017 will be bringing some nice games with it as the months roll by. But even now in January, things are looking up for Android gaming, especially with games like Shadow Blade: Reload already available via the Google Play Store. If you’re the action gaming type, this one is right up your alley.

Shadow Blade: Reload is an action game, a ninja platformer to be exact. It’s simple enough as a side-scrolling platformer where users control the ninja who must run, leap, and climb walls to get through the whole level. It’s not easy going, though – there are traps to avoid and bad guys to dispatch. You can use stealth in the true ninja way, or just go for it in hack ‘n slash fashion. Either way works, if you can find a way to get from one end to the other.

The gameplay is not that simplistic, though. The levels are very challenging, and there are numerous secrets at every level that get you replaying levels just to uncover them. If the game is too easy for you (probably not), then you can run with it again in Hardcore and Master Class difficulties.

Shadow Blade: Reload is still in “unreleased” status in Google Play, but you can get it now for USD$4.99. This means there might probably be bugs along the way, but if the launch is just a week from now, the bugs should be few and far between.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store