Sennheiser’s Momentum line of headphones has always been a popular one. The last special edition Ingress Momentum headphones was shown off a couple of months ago. The audio specialist has launched a new paid of headphones but this time, it offers wireless listening experience made possible by Bluetooth and NFC technologies. This next generation MOMENTUM will actually be available in two versions: the MOMENTUM Wireless and MOMENTUM On-Ear Wireless.

Making these two pairs more impressive are the 22-hour battery life and advanced Active Noise Cancellation technology used. You can also fold them because of the folding headphone design. The pairs are perfect for those who want high quality audio even when they are mobile.

Sennheiser urabanite xl

Sennheiser’s URBANITE line also received another entry in the form of the URBANITE XL WIRELESS. This pair uses Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and boasts of crystal clear trebles and deep bass. You can pair a maximum of eight devices with the headphones. It’s wireless so no need to worry about cables dangling over or below your ear. On the right ear cup, you will find a touch panel interface that allows music playback, volume control, and calls with a simple slide or tap of a finger.

sennheiser RS 185

Sennheiser also revealed the RS 165, RS 175, RS 185, and RS 195. The RS 165 offers optional bass boost and the RS 175 brings switchable dynamic bass and different virtual surround sound modes. The RS 185 boasts of an open design for manual input level control while the RS 195 features different modes and pre-sets that can increase speech intelligibility according to the company.

Last but not the least, Sennheiser has finally ventured into the SPORTS headphone range with the MX 686 SPORTS, PMX 686 SPORTS, CX 686 SPORTS, and the OCX 686 SPORTS. These pairs are perfect for different sports activities. They are lightweight, water-resistant, and very durable. Each pair can fit in the ears comfortably and perfectly and features great acoustics, impressive sound quality, ergonomic designs.

New Sennheiser headphones will be available later this January. No word on pricing though but we’ll let you know soon.

SOURCE: Sennheiser