Warning: The Seidio Innocell 3800mAh Super Extended Life Battery for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus will not stop bullets. It cannot be used to jump your car battery. It does not double as a maritime anchor. You might be tempted to try any or all of these things once you slide its massive bulk into your Galaxy Nexus and insert the custom battery cover. Do not. It won’t end well. What the Innocell battery will do is give you some truly massive runtime, more than doubling the capacity of the standard 1850mAh battery included in the CDMA Nexus.

We’ve seen Seidio’s custom batteries before, not to mention their highly regarded Android cases. By all accounts, they’re a solid company with reliable batteries to offer – even if they’ve got all the style sense of a brick. Based on their supplied photo of the extended battery, it almost doubles the thickness, making the Galaxy Nexus a considerably huge phone when combined with its already large screen size. But you can’t put a price on all-day battery life – well, Seidio can. It’s $69.95.

Other considerations for prospective buyers include an off-color black battery cover, with Seidio’s own soft-touch plastic. Somewhat alarmingly, the replacement battery doesn’t include an NFC chip, which is integrated into both Samsung’s default battery and the extended 2100mAh version currently on sale from Verizon. Since the poor battery life was one of our only complaints in our Verizon Galaxy Nexus review, it might be worth the setbacks if you often find yourself between charges, but I’d personally rather use Samsung’s external battery charger and a few spares.

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[via Droid-Life]