The ‘Crazy Taxi Classic’ arcade game was recently offered for free. The game franchise has been fulfilling your dream of crazy driving in the city with a number of installments like the City Rush by SEGA. In case you’ve been living under a rock, the Crazy Taxi game has been around for about two decades now. The mobile version is only a few years old but has gained a number of fans from all over the world.

A new installment is ready to be another time-waster: Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire. SEGA has yet to make an official launch but it recently announced the game will be released soon. This Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire will tackle the issue of taxi companies being overtaken by those ridesharing services.

In this game, you can continue on with your crazy driving skills while thinking of ways on how to beat Edelbert Von Güber who is the leader of the Prestige Mega Corporation. The latter is your enemy that introduced ride-sharing in the city. But first, wait for your time. Begin training to be the best taxi tycoon in town.

Your taxi cab service is still better than the ride-sharing service your rival is offering. Some may not realize it but the company is ripping off the drivers and the passengers. Your fleet of taxis and your drivers are all you need to be a gazillionaire. Yup, you can be as rich as you want without cheating. Your Crazy Taxi business is legit. And like any other business out there, you can work hard to turn it into an empire.

Download Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire from the Google Play Store

VIA: Gamasutra


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