Just a couple of weeks ago we were at Google I/O hearing the newest word on the future of Android. In the keynote speeches that blew the ears off everyone in the room (and the internet, since it was streaming,) we learned about Android Open Accessory. This is a new project in which Google will help out and support developers hoping to connect Android devices to other real-world functional electronics like robots, lamps, and more robots. With this came an announcement about a kit you’d be able to buy for a cool $400.

Now we’ve got word of a cheap alternative to the $400 Android Open Accessory Kit for Developers. This newer, less expensive version of the platform will also allow you to use Google’s ADK to make custom Android accessories running Android 2.3.4 all the way up to Android 3.1. Instead of four big ones, you’ll be spending a grand total of $80 USD. That’s a pretty deep discount. Will this new version stand up to the test of time and harsh judgement of developers in the field? That we will have to wait and see.

You’re already able to pre-order this new “Seeeduino ADK” from Seeed Studio, the actual units shipping out June 20th. So far away! With the kit you’ll be given everything you need to begin making accessories for you Android loving public. Have a peek below and above at the lovely redness you’ll be working with.

• Arduino Mega2560 compatible
• 56 Digital IOs
• 16 Analog inputs
• 14 PWM outputs
• 4 Hardware serial ports (UART)
• 1 Hardware TWI (I2C)
• 1 Hardware SPI (upto 8Mbps)
• On board USB host(MAX3421), and IO breakout
• On board USB slave(FT232), and Is breakout
• Build-in 5V-1A switch power regulator (input range 6V – 18V)
• Build-in 3.3V-500mA LDO power regulator
• Red PCB, ROSH compatible and Golden finish
• Android compatible
• Dimensions: 3.4″ x 2.1″

[via Seeed Studio]