The first and undeniably most action-packed keynote from Google I/O 2011 is up now, covering what Google is calling their three Ms. In Momentum, they spoke about the power and speed of Android in how well it’s doing in the world today, everything from 100 million activations and 4.5 billion installs of apps. Next in Mobile, they covered the newest upgrade for Android, version 3.1, the next step in Honeycomb for tablets and Google TV, Ice Cream Sandwich aka “one Android release everywhere,” and more. The list continues and the video is up!

The next big item they went over today was Movie Rentals. You’ll soon be able to rent movies from the Android Market at will, watching whatever you want from whatever device you want to watch it on. Along those same lines is Music Beta, a whole music platform which, if you’d like to know more, you can check out in our entirely full guide and deep dive. Media in the cloud!

Google went on to speak about Android Open Accessory, a partnership between Google and the rest of the industry that’ll guarantee the newest updates to all Android devices 18 months into their lifespan. Android Open Accessory was spoken about for a brief period and Android@Home for all manner of devices and applications for your own personal environment. Light switches!

Behold the entirety: