Zack Nelson is honest enough to say that BlackBerry hasn’t really satisfactorily passed any of his durability tests. For one, the BlackBerry Priv’s plastic rear camera lenses scratched. There’s also the BlackBerry KeyOne’s screen falling off. We haven’t heard anything new about the BlackBerry Motion but we knew it reached the US via Amazon and Best Buy, Canada last November, and the UK and other European countries back in October. The BlackBerry Motion has always been ready in action as a full-touch smartphone.

We weren’t expecting much from this device especially since we were disappointed with the BlackBerry KEYOne’s display. It was already strengthened but we’ve lost confidence until today. We’ve watched the durability test featuring the BlackBerry Motion and we can say this one is impressive.

Watch the video below:

The Canadian smartphone pioneer may have listened to the complaints and feedback of Blackberry fans, as well as, watched carefully how OEMs designed their own phones. The phone has a Nano Diamond Screen but it easily scratched at level 6. It’s normal what we expect more from it. It is recommended that you get a screen protector so the scratches won’t be deep. A few more scratches were presented but they won’t really affect the functionality of the device.

When it comes to the burn test, the 5.5-inch 1080p IPS display can only last six seconds before the pixels return or the black thing is gone. Bending the smartphone from the back and front is safe but Zack pinched his finger between the frame and glass screen. That is very minor so we guess it’s safe to say this BlackBerry Motion passed.

SOURCE: JerryRigEverything